The Seven Types of Spirit Guides by Yamile Yemoonyah

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How to Connect and Communicate with Your Cosmic Helpers

About the Book
The Seven Types of Spirit Guide is the first-ever exploration of the cosmic helpers who have communicated with everyday people across cultures and throughout human history. Spirit guides take many forms, and in this book spirit guide medium Yamile Yemoonyah will introduce you to each of the seven types: angels, ancestors, nature spirits, star beings, animal spirits, ascended masters, and deities.

Each has specific characteristics, gifts, and challenges, and you'll learn the unique reasons your spirit guides are here to support you on your personal path. Featuring an extensive quiz to help you discover which types of spirit guide, or guides, you have, and practical advice on identifying and communicating with them, this refreshing and inclusive companion will help you to further your spiritual development, manifest your dreams, and live your purpose.

Number of Pages: 247 (Paperback)

About the Author
Yamile Yemoonyah is a professional spirit guide medium, spiritual teacher, host of The Spirit Guide Show, and the founder of the Spirit Guide Society. She has helped thousands of people connect with their own spirit guides through private readings, courses, workshops, and her weekly online show.