Realm of Dreams Ritual Bath Blend


Realm of Dreams

Tranquility in a bath is just what we need after these long, grey days. Float amongst the flowers with Rose and lavender petals, infused with relaxing lavender and rose fragrance. A cleanse for your mind body and soul. You’ll feel brand new and ready to drift into the realm of dreams.

This signature Botanical Bath Base is made up of:

Dead Sea salt

Great for relaxing muscles
Energising the body
Anti ageing
Increasing circulation
Immune system support
Lymphatic fluid balance
Detoxes and purifies

Himalayan salt

Balances skins ph level
Exfoliates skin
Softens skins
Full of natural vitamins and minerals
Detoxes and purifies

Epsom salt

Helps skin retain hydration
Helps restore elasticity to skin
Relives body aches and pains
Detoxes and purifies

Can be added to a pouch for a mess free bath or go all out and bathe like a goddess.