Moonology Diary 2021 by Yasmin Boland

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Get in tune with the Moon and learn how to invoke her magical powers to create the life you want - all year long!

About the Diary
Let the Moon be your guide... to wherever you want to go!

Some of the most intense astrology we've seen for a while is coming our way in 2021. The energies will be powerful and change-making. It's a year to make big shifts in your life, and to break free of whatever has been holding you back.

In this diary, you'll discover:

  • How to work with the rare energies of 2021
  • All the details of the key lunar events of the year
  • How the four eclipses, four Super Moons and one Blue Moon will affect you
  • Powerful affirmations and guidance about harnessing the possibilities at each New and Full Moon

This diary is your compass to navigate this year of big breakthroughs, consciously and internationally. With the magical Moon as your guide, you can push through any obstacle, achieve your goals and manifest a life of joy.

Total Pages: 258 (Paperback)

About Yasmin Boland 
Yasmin Boland began her career as a freelance journalist with a passion for writing and astrology. Due to various cosmic turns of events, these passions turned into her profession and she is now one of the most widely read astrology writers on the planets, with columns published all over the world.

Yasmin loves all astrology but has a special interest in the Moon, specifically in New and Full Moons. At her website, you can read her Daily Moon Message, plus her weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes; she also has a flourishing Facebook community. Yasmin's previous books include Moonology and Astrology Made Easy. Yasmin was born in Germany, grew up in Tasmania and so far has lived in Australia, France and England.