Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderveldt


Magical Self-Care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderveldt

Create your own personal wellness rituals using the Tarot, space-clearing, breathwork, high-vibe recipes, and more

On the Back of the Book
Magic meets self-care in Leah Vanderveldt's feel-good guide that's both practical and mystical. Explore the different ways you can honor your body, mind, and spirit and cultivate a kinder relationship with yourself.

Beautiful photographs and an array of magical tools will inspire you to find out what works best for you on your personal wellness journey. Let the magic begin...

  • Create your own rituals, from designing a healing herbal infusion to creating a personal morning practice
  • Deepen your personal understanding with Tarot reflections and enhance your life with crystals, breathwork, and empowering movements.
  • Discover nourishing high-vibe recipes, such as the Empress Breakfast, the Full-Moon Pasta Feast, and the Walnut Pesto and Brain- Health Bowl.

More Information About the Book
To believe in magic is to choose to see the world around you in a certain light - one that helps, encourages, and supports you. Magical Self-care for Everyday Life offers us an opportunity to claim our power, by incorporating magic into the ways in which we take care of ourselves.

Join well-being and nutrition expert Leah Vanderveldt in wellness practices that integrate centuries-old traditions and concepts into everyday modern living, helping us to make the changes we seek, and to create a life that lights us up each day. Using herbal infusions for calming and mood-boosting, Tarot cards to tune in to intuition, moon rituals for setting aligned intentions, and breathworks for releasing stuck energy, Leah weaves together spirituality, high-vibe meals, astrology, meditation, movement, and more.

Leah believes that setting up supporitve routines is the key to feeling good every day. She shares the magical tools that have worked for her, highlighting the benefits of each, and the simple actions, rituals, and recipes you can do on your own. Find out what works for you, and discover a receptive, healthy and playful approach to tangible transformation. Celebrate the power to make your life more amazing every day. It's where the magic's at.

Total Pages: 144 (Paperback)

About the Author
Leah Vanderveldt is a wellness and nutrition expert, the founder of The Nourish Exchange and Witchy Wellness, a cookbook author, Tarot card reader, and the former food editor at MindBodyGreen. Leah writes with a focus on intuitive living, creating healthy recipes, herbalism, and self-care with a mystical twist. Leah is the author of First-time Vegan, The CBD Kitchen, The New Porridge, and The New Nourishing.