Luna's Lygophilia


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A bit about Luna's Lygophilia:

Merry meet.

I am Luna, owner, creator and witch behind Luna's Lygophilia. I started Luna's Lygophilia in October 2021 after many years of gifting pyrography items to friends and family. It seemed to make sense to me to combine the love of my art with my love of the craft, so that's what I did and LL was created.

I hand burn items all of which are pagan/witchcraft based. Most are pre-designed and ready to buy immediately but I also do commission pieces, so feel free to enquire on our social media platforms if there is something special you would like just for you.

I love all things dark, spooky, true crime and horror related so soon I am planning on expanding into horror themed items as well, to fully encapsulate the 'Lygophilia' side of my soul.

Each of our items are 100% hand burned which means that every single item is completely unique, so no 2 people end up with the same product.
I hope you love our products, which we think are truly magickal.