Lip Shimmer - Twilight


Twilight Lip Shimmer
A luscious plum coloured lip shimmer with a hint of mauve, made with only natural mineral colours. Moisturizing and creamy, these can be worn all the time to enhance your natural lip colour with a hint of tint.

Kuumba Made Lip Shimmers are fragrance free, vegan and made from 84% Organic wild harvested ingredients. To be 'Vegan' this means they contain no animal products (such as beeswax). They are hand-made at low temperatures to ensure that the active vitamins and natural antioxidants are preserved. Many lip tints will have had a synthetic colour added to them, however these do not. They provide a genuine tint with a sheer amount of colour. 

Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Natural Iron Oxides, and Mica (minerals), GMO Free Vitamin E, Avacado Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Lemon Myrtle. (84% Organic Ingredients)

15 oz (4.25g)

The herbs and plants used in Kuumba Made's products are grown in their own organic garden, on certified organic farms or ethically wild harvested.

More About Kuumba Made
Kuumba Made is a US based company that have been making natural, botanical organic body care products for over 25 years. The flowers and herbs used in their products are ethically wild harvested and grown in their organic garden or on certified organic farms. They use the highest quality, effective and unique ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils. They believe in sustainable environmental practices and support Fairtrade. We love their products and we hope you do too!