Hematite Tumblestone


Country of Origin: Brazil

Hematite is naturally shiny and metallic. The finish will not wear off - it is permanent. One thing to be aware of will be that a hematite crystal is sometimes twice as dense as other crystals. This will mean that a medium hematite tumblestone, as our sizing is done by weight, can be as much as half the size of another medium tumblestone.

More About Hematite
Hematite has been used extensively throughout history. For example, it was the chosen stone for mourning jewellery, worn in the past after a loved one died. Further back in history, it was once a key ingredient in the production of sealing wax and the ancient Egyptians used it to produce magical amulets. 

Essentially, hematite is one of the most grounding crystals. It's got an energy of calmness, balance and clarity and can assist with reducing negativity and re-balancing yourself. As the energy is so peaceful and calming, it's often chosen as an aid for helping sleep difficulties. In the same way, it can also be used for meditation and bringing about a peaceful state and clear mind.


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