Astrology Made Easy by Yasmin Boland


A Guide to Understanding Your Birth Chart - Use the ancient system of astrology to understand your past and create a fruitful future with this simple and clear guide to interpreting your birth chart.

On the Back of the Book:
Astrology is a divination method that studies the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets and uses your date, time and place of birth to give insights into your personality and major events in your life. Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and bestselling astrology writer whose articles and columns are read by millions of people around the world each week. She has written this comprehensive yet accessible guide to astrology to help you understand past events, present challenges and future possibilities for your life.


  • The many ways that astrology can help you
  • How to read and understand your chart, with a free personalized chart provided online for every reader.
  • The talents and challenges you were born with
  • How to make simple predictions for yourself and others
  • How to be a better parent, friend and colleague through knowing your loved-one's charts

Total Pages: 275 (Paperback)

About Yasmin Boland

Yasmin Boland began her career as a freelance journalist with a passion for writing and astrology. Due to various cosmic turns of events, these passions turned into her profession and she is now one of the most widely read astrology writers on the planets, with columns published all over the world.

Yasmin loves all astrology but has a special interest in the Moon, specifically in New and Full Moons. At her website, you can read her Daily Moon Message, plus her weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes; she also has a flourishing Facebook community. Yasmin's previous books include Moonology and Astrology Made Easy. Yasmin was born in Germany, grew up in Tasmania and so far has lived in Australia, France and England.