Here at Forever Irregular, we are so passionate about making sure you guys absolutely love your parcels with us. Because you do, almost half of our orders come from you loves who have purchased with us before, many times!
That's why we've introduced a new Reward Scheme for you all.
On your 10th order, you will receive a FREE mini monthly treasure box on us!
How will I know when I've made my tenth order?
As long as you set an account up with us, and use this account when you check out, we will be able to identify how many orders you have made and we will do the rest.
You will receive a reward leaflet with your orders letting you how many you've made.
This scheme starts on Monday, 15th March.
This is just a little way of us saying thank you so much for being so loyal and being part of our Forever Family. We couldn't do this without you!
Charlotte x