Mini Magick Emporium is a mystical, magical small business based in Bedfordshire, ran by the lovely Amber, who is 26 years old, a mother, a wife, and a witch.
Mini Magick is a magickal emporium for both adults and children.
Amber runs her wonderful shop with a little help from her family at their home in Bedfordshire. It has always been Amber's dream to have my very own shop of curiosities and Magick, which is why every single order is hugely appreciated to Amber and her family.
It all started with Natural Potion Kits for little witches and wildlings, which were inspired by her own little libra witchling, Thea. 

From this, stemmed a wildfire of ideas for creating her little emporium.
Mini Magick is proud to be earth friendly, using only recycled or recyclable packaging, including Kraft paper packaging tape, Kraft cardboard boxes and compostable biodegradable logo stickers.
Mini Magick Emporium stock ethically sourced fossils and minerals, hand crafted natural potion kits for wild children, vintage and second hand treasures.
Mini Magick are expanding their collections soon to be stocking a wonderful selection of products for the wild & magickally inclined, so keep your eye out on the page for all the new and upcoming magical treasures. ✨