May Midnight Tarot

Aries (21st Mar - 19th April)

The Broom - Clear outdated patterns.

It's time for a spring clean Aries. Rid yourself of all that no longer serves you. This is preparation for fresh starts and new beginnings. This clear out can be for people, physical things or patterns and habits, that are no longer helpful to you. Welcome the new by letting go of the old this May.

Taurus (20th April - 20th May)

The Tree - Root in Your Wisdom

Stop focusing too much on the future, far down the line, concentrate and root yourself to the present moment. Baby steps is what is needed at this moment in time. Sometimes looking too far ahead can overwhelm so much that you don't end up taking any action. Appreciate the wisdom that comes with simply being this month.

Gemini (21st May 21st June)

The Map - Trust your Knowledge.

For me we all have that inbuilt map that trusted knowledge. It's a deep rooted intuition, that helps to see whether you trust certain people and situations or not. Trust what your inner voice is telling you this month, rather than listening to other peoples opinions, see how once you trust in yourself and your own map how easy May will flow Gemini.

Cancer (22nd June - 22nd July)

The Treasure Chest Own You Wisdom

This wisdom is from showing up and participating in life. Now is not the time to be hiding in your shell you Cancerian Beauty, go out and see what life has to offer. So much time has been spent hidden away at home and that is your safe space, but time to go further and build on your knowledge. Understand now this knowing, and knowledge around you, it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with trusting you and following your flow.

Leo (23rd July - 22nd August)

The Potion Bottle - Re-Enchant Your Life

Re find your fire Lion, life has been tough, but for the social Leo, even more so. The things that were exciting and new and the possibilities that seemed endless suddenly turned into the known and mundane. What you don't see is how much you've grown and how much you have overcome. Life can't always be fireworks but I feel May will bring more of that Lion passion and fire. New opportunities are coming, I do feel this especially around a new job or a new job role.

Virgo (23rd Aug - 22nd Sept)

The Egg Timer - Trust in Divine Timing

So often we judge things on time, how long it took us, or how quick we did it, or how we should have healed by now, I expected to have done more by now. We use it as a weapon to chastise ourselves. Not everything is meant to be rushed through. The greatest lessons come from the biggest hurdles and more time spent. Do not wish to rush through May Virgo, wanting the excitement of other things to come. Appreciate that sometimes things don't work to the timeframe we want and that's ok. This month is about accepting this and choosing to be ok rather than bitter. Your outlook is your choice and you can change it anytime.

Libra (23rd Sept - 23rd Oct)

The Chair - Take a Sacred Pause.

So often in life we move from one phase to another without truly pausing and taking stock of how far we have come, and what we have achieved. With things starting to open up to a new normal, make sure you take time to process all that has been before. What have you learnt, what do you truly want to bring forward with you. You hold the power of where this next chapter takes you.

Scorpio (24th Oct - 21st Nov)

The Sun - Shine Brighter

April has sent you it's challenges Scorpio, but the Sun is here to brighten things up. Connect to that inner light, and shine like you are meant to. If you have been asking yourself if now is the time take this as a huge yes. May is going to bring a lot of positivity with it.

Sagittarius (22nd Nov - 21st Dec)

The Candle - Get Clear on Your Next Steps.

The ideas and plans will come in thick and fast this month. It's not a case of you don't have the opportunities, it's more on which ones to take and how to go about it. Don't get overwhelmed by doing this you can end up bogged down by right and wrong and overthink until you realise, you haven't taken any opportunities or moved forward. Give yourself space and follow what you truly want, quite often we can get bogged down by others ideas and opinions and we lose what we want. Pause, and let the light of the flame guide you through what you need to do for YOU!

Capricorn (22nd Dec - 19th Jan)

The Boots - Start New

Pulling this card all I could hear was the song these boots are made for walking. I'm not suggesting walking out on someone or a job, but more that it is a time for action and doing rather than thinking. Sometimes we can overthink and then lose the time for action. These boots are not going on tried and tested walks though my lovely, they are going on a new path and taking you in a new direction. Now is the time to take a leap of faith.

Aquarius (20th Jan - 18th Feb)

The Campfire - Give Yourself What you Need.

Aquarius you are not normally a sign that cares what others think. So now is not the time to turn into that person. You do your thing so well, so listen to what you need. Trying to find happiness through someone else's needs won't work, it will leave you feeling anxious and lost. It's not to say you can't ask for help this month but it has to come from you first on your terms. Make sure you listen to what you want.

Pisces (19th Feb - 20th March)

The Hearth - You Are Safe

May is for you a time of reflection and learning what you need and want. For others it is a time of action, for you a time of gathering your thoughts, finding your comfort, your safe space and truly working on you. If you are single and wanting a relationship May is not the time for this, love you first, and if in a relationship, same rules apply May is your month for you. You can't move forward if you don't know where and what you want to achieve. Time to go with the tides and not force anyone's opinions on you just your needs.