Handmade Business? We need you!

I have a dream, and that is to create an alternative emporium. 
A shop full of wondrous delights.
Walking into a small, dark and dreamy shop, which smells of essential oils and incense and being able to buy a bath bomb, a necklace and a cauldron, maybe a few wax melts and vegan treats, all whilst being deeply inspired and fascinated at all times? 
This is where you come in.
There is nothing I love more than working with small businesses. For many of us, this is our full time job. This puts food on the table. There isn't some corporate office somewhere pointing fingers and directing orders. 
For most of us, its us working in our kitchen, bedroom or living room. Its at the heart of everything we do.
Even if you are just starting out on your small business journey; if you have the strength and determination, you're half way there!
If you feel like your products would fit perfectly in our shop. please get in touch with us. 
Send us an email with your etsy/website information plus any social media handles you have to foreverirregular@gmail.com.
We may not be able to buy right away (our pot of money isn't the biggest as of yet) but we will most certainly put you on our list.
We are currently only an online store at present, however in 2022 we are going to be looking at moving to a retail unit. For now, we have an office we work from which we are very quickly outgrowing.
We strive to give 100% amazing customer service and the most pleasant experience when our customer opens our packages.
We have a loyal Instagram following of almost 18k and this grows daily.
We have the best customers ever, and 5* reviews on Google.
We are so proud of the down to earth, honest, ethical, magical brand we have built so far!
We welcome everyone, at all times.
We can't wait to hear from you!
Director of Forever Irregular