Flora Noctem is a beautiful small business ran by Laura, specialising in alternative jewellery and home decor, based in the UK.
Laura has been running Flora Noctem since May 2020, and they sell a mixture of jewellery and homeware. You can find all of her home decor items on the website, and specifically just jewellery on her Etsy page.
The jewellery what Laura makes is an inspirational mixture of gothic, witchy and celestial.
Laura seeks homeware from a number of wholesalers, and sticks to her awesome vibes which is portrayed throughout her social medias.
All of Laura's amazing stock is chosen carefully, and only sells pieces she would personally wear herself; so you know its come from her heart!
If you are into the darkly inclined, celestial, witchy pieces; go and check out Laura's website and social medias, and go show her beautiful business some love!