About Me



Hi, I'm Charlotte!

A few random facts about me:

  • I have three kids.
  • I got married in April 2019.
  • Im a Sagittarius.
  • I was born in '86.
  • I was born and bred in Nottingham, UK.
  • I love horror films.
  • I love The Twilight Saga (don't judge).
  • Im obsessed with the Moon and all things space related.
  • I've seen Breaking Bad 3 times.
  • I love tattoos, I have lots and I plan on getting more. Each one is unique and means something special to me.
  • I have a really unhealthy hair dye obsession.
  • I have a reeaal bad phobia of Spiders.
  • I'm a bit of a gamer.
  • Coffee is my love.
  • I listen to lots of genres of music but especially Metal, Rock, some Chilled, depending on what mood I'm in.
  • I'm the worst at answering text messages on time.
  • I love crystals (smokey quartz is my fave)
  • I love photographs. Every time I go to my grandmothers I get the old photo albums out.
  • I'm a real home person. I love making my house all clean and homely.
  • My favourite kids TV programme growing up was Fun House (not the new one, the early 90's one) and Knightmare (if you remember these, we can be friends!)
  • I am the only face behind Forever Irregular - I personally design the website, keep you all up to date on instagram, wrap your orders (with the occasional help of my toddler)!

I first set up Forever Irregular at the end of 2018 (thought about it for many years beforehand). I decided to leave my office job of 16 years to finally get my creative on. It definitely was THE scariest thing I've ever done but I made the leap of faith and I'm so glad I did!

I have a huge obsession with all things cosmic related. I have done ever since I was a young girl, which is partly the reason for the Moon Cards. (Ive studied Moonology for some time now). You receive your very own Moon Card reading with every order. The ritual is performed on the night of the sale for you (I'll always keep a secret and never post on Social Media unless you enquire as to what it is). 

In my early teenage years, I had a Saturday job at an Auction House so I was always in contact with jewellery and liaising with antique dealers constantly. Im lucky to have my foot in the door so I know exactly how to forage for my treasures, and how not to. This is why sometimes you'll see something in my shop that is so unique. I will always specify in the description.

I take a ridiculous amount of pride in what I do. I would never make and sell an item that I wouldn't wear myself, and I ensure your items are received in the highest possible standard. 

Each piece of my jewellery is lead safe, nickel safe zinc based alloy silver. I will always specify if the item is 925 Sterling Silver. 

If you have any questions, please ask away and be sure to Like, Subscribe and follow me on Facebook & Instagram as I'm forever coming across exciting new treasures to share with you all. Most of which you won't find anywhere else!