Forever Irregular is a family run business. Myself, Luke and our three children reside in Nottinghamshire. Our lives are super hectic, but I like to call it a 'beautiful mess'. Im the one that prepares your orders, maintains the website, creates content, etc. My husband, Luke, helps out with the posting when we need an extra pair of hands.

    I first set up Forever Irregular at the end of 2018 (thought about it for many years beforehand). I decided to leave my office job of 16 years to finally get my creative juices flowing. It definitely was THE scariest thing I've ever done but I made the leap of faith and I'm so glad I did. This business is my full time job and I'm so proud of it.

    When I was younger, I was around Witchcraft and Tarot cards quite often. My grandma used to teach me and my sister how to do spells (one involved her walking clockwise around a tree and posting a leaf to someone.. I won't go into it but it was hilarious at the time). We would always have our Cards read and I was taught from quite an early age how to read cards.

    I have a huge obsession with all things cosmic related, especially the moon. I have done ever since I was a kid, which is partly the reason for the Moon Cards.

    I also have an obsession with Dark, Magical things and always have done ever since I can remember. I was one of the first 'grabs' in my school year (another term for goth), the first gig I ever went to was Disturbed when I was just 13 (!!). I've always loved the gothic scene and I blame my mother entirely for this!

    One of my major loves is Music. My music taste ranges anywhere from Nirvana to Johnny Cash, from System of a Down to David Bowie. Either way, there's always music played in my home.

    In my early teens, I had a Saturday job at an Auction House so I was always in contact with jewellery and Art Deco furniture so I do know my stuff when it comes to jewellery. My husband now works for the same Auction Firm so I'm forever in contact with amazing items! 

    Thank you so much for joining me on my awesome business venture. Each order is greatly appreciated and we put all our love into every single one. 

    Charlotte xx