Where did it all begin?

Where did it all begin?

I've always been in love with the gothic scene. I grew up listening to the likes of The Cure and Nirvana, and it was my own mother that got me into Marilyn Manson. When I was 14 I bought my first Metal Album (I think it was Kittie, the bloke behind the counter at HMV looked at me so weirded out!)  I used to spend my last pennies I had buying little spikes for my school bag and I wore ridiculously long, baggy  jeans that my mum despised because they used to wreck the carpets. I was so cool.
I went to see a psychic in 2014 who read my palm. She told me in my mid 30s, I would take a totally new career path into something creative. At the time, I was still in the same job I'd started out at when I was 16, fresh out of school, and I was not creative to save my life.
She also told me I would have another baby, a girl, and said I would get married. At the time, I was a single mum of two babies and determined never to have any more children or a serious relationship.
5 years later, age 32, I've quit my 9 to 5 office job, set up Forever Irregular, got married, and had another girl. 😂
So, this is me. I've come from a long line of people in my family who have set up their own businesses, I feel like I've finally found what I want to do.

My mum used to own a Vintage & Gothic Shop and for years I saw hundreds of amazing items coming into the home! I'm really lucky that I have lots of her stock to play around with now.

I felt like for a few years I lost myself after having my first two children. I guess that comes with being a mum, you put your children's needs before your own, but I lost alot of 'me' back then. Now I'm older, I've wanted to wear unique pieces of jewellery without the huge price tag, hence where the inspiration for Forever Irregular came from. 

I started studying the moon, stars and their constellations, star signs etc. and I was (I still am!) deeply fascinated! Hence where I got the idea of sending you a Moon Card reading in the post. Its just a little personal touch that I love to do for you all.

I love creating jewellery, but what I love most is finding those odd, unusual pendants which I find so often that are exclusive to my collections.  

Whilst I love creating Jewellery, I have such a love for Gothic Homeware too; hence why my Homeware Collection is growing! 

Its an awesome feeling knowing that you get so much joy out of receiving your purple packages in the post, just as much as I love sending them to you! 


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