A Himalayan Bath - Make it part of your nightly routine tonight!

Himalayan Salt is a powerful detoxifier. It penetrates into your skin, making it feel so soft and completely nourished.

It helps aching and cramped muscles, hence why having a Salt Bath before bedtime is a great, soothing way to help your bones to strengthen and completely wind down

It also helps cleanse your energy and rejuvenate your spiritual and emotional balance.

How to get your Himalayan Salt Bath ready!

Important note: have a glass of water by your side. You will get dehydrated and you'll need some water to quench your thirst.

Step 1. Run the hot tap. You want the temperature to be really warm (not scolding mind!)

Step 2. Whilst the bath is filling up, pop in your salts making sure they are evenly distributed to allow them to dissolve properly. The last thing you want is to sit on clumpy salt.

Step 3. Get in the bath, close your eyes and switch off for half an hour. I always put some really calming music on, too. 

Tip: leave your phone out of the bathroom. This is your time to switch off from the world!

Step 4. Get out of the bath, put on your favourite pjs and enjoy feeling tranquil.

September 27, 2019 — Charlotte Clark

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