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In The Spotlight - @megannreading

Each month, one of my awesome customers gets the chance to introduce themselves and tell the world a bit about them. I feel like this is an awesome way to expand our Instagram community, boost confidence in others and inspire different types of people. When I was a teen, I used to get bullied for dressing different. I'd often get called a grab for wearing baggy trousers, band hoodies and listening to Metal Music. I would go home feeling like I was some sort of outcast after having stones thrown at me walking home from school.  I want to spread the word that, actually, its pretty awesome finding your style at an early age (or at any age for that matter!) and...

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The Yule Box

First off.. what is Yule? For you young witches/others who may not know, Yule is a celebration of the Return of the Sun. After months of the Winter Solstice, the Sun finally shines through making the days shorter.  How is Yule Celebrated? It is essentially a ceremony of lit candles to encourage the sun to grow stronger and brighter in all its glory. Yule rituals can focus on peace, increased happiness and harmony and positive planning for the future.  What's in The Yule Box? Well, I've taken A LOT of thought and consideration into what goes into The Yule Box because I am very much aware its an extremely important time of year for some, so I want it to be...

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