How To Cleanse Your Crystals

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Think of cleansing crystals like the way you wash clothes. When clothes are dirty, you wash them. If you buy clothes from the charity shop, you wash them. If a piece of clothing has been stored away for a long time and needs a spruce up, you wish it. This is the same for crystals!

It is extremely important when you buy crystals that you personally cleanse them. The whole point of having crystals is so their beautiful, healing energies flow through them, so cleansing is a must! 

Whether you've bought them online or they've been sitting in your home for a few months, all crystals need cleansing from time to time so go on and give them a spiritual bath.

Here's a few ways to cleanse your crystals.

- Cleanse them with the Earth

There's nothing more naturally cleansing than the earth. Choose a nice spot outside in your garden, and bury your crystals for the night or day. Once you retrieve them, they'll be full of mother natures energies.

- Cleansing them with Moonlight

When the Moon is full, take full advantage Moon Children! Pop your crystals in a really safe place away from crystals, either outside or on a window ledge (be careful if they're going outside as some are quite sensitive to water) and in the morning they'll be full of beautiful Lunar energy.

- Cleansing with Smoke

Sage is a fantastic tool for Cleansing and Smudging any area within the home. It is important that you cleanse yourself first to rid of bad energies before you cleanse the crystals. Form a small circle around the crystals and let them immerse in the Sage - then watch all those negative energies go up with the smoke.

Remember, intuition plays a big part in this. If you feel your crystals need more cleansing, do some more. You are the one that will be using them so make your intentions known and make sure you are completely satisfied that they are ready.


June 08, 2020 — Charlotte Witts