Self Care is a term that's thrown around these days, isn't it? Well, there's a good reason for that - it's really important!
The term Self Care maybe means one thing to you and another thing to me - be that as it may, it all takes us down the same path of spiritually cleansing and lifting our moods.
Everyone needs a bit of self care sometimes. Self love is good for the soul.
There's a common misconception that self care has to be luxurious and expensive, when as a matter of fact there's plenty of tools you can use around your home without splashing out on the most expensive facial scrub.
Before I carry on, I just want to say I know Self Care doesn't fix everything, but it will certainly help your goal for inner peace.
Here's a few magical self care tips for you to start doing today.
Meditation is a simple yet effective way to relax every inch of your body. There's so many start up videos and podcasts online for you to get started! You can even meditate before you sleep, too; incase you are strap for time.
Go outside
Even if you don't want to; even if its pouring it down with rain. Connect with nature even just for a moment. Sometimes leaving the four walls of your home even for an hour can do your mind the world of good.
Drink Water
Look after your body and it will look after you. If you start to feel sluggish and tired in the day, energise yourself with a refreshing glass of water.
Cleanse your space
How much better do you feel after you've cleaned up? I for one know as soon as I've cleared my office I feel like I am so much more motivated and refreshed! After you've cleansed your space, light some of your favourite incense and take a minute to relax.
Stare at the moon and the stars
Have a minute to look up at the sky at night to ground yourself back to reality.
Have a social media break
I cannot express how important this is! 
Drink some herbal tea
All the herbal fruity powers; magically charge that tea!
Start a journal
All those creative ideas, negative thoughts, positive feelings etc. inside your head; take them and write them down.
Light a candle
In the morning, I always light a white candle and set my intentions for the day.
Start a relaxing playlist
Music is good for the soul; and a feel-good, relaxing playlist is perfect for popping on when you are in need a mood booster.
We asked on our most recent Instagram post how you guys 'self care'. Here's a few of your answers:
@magikcrystalstorm_ says: 'I love a nice, ritual bath, listening to some calming music and read a book'.
@heavymetalwoks says: 'My self care is putting on makeup. Making me forget about my anxiety and my rosacea. The makeup is therapeutic. Also, listening to my favourite music always helps'.
@sweetpeaguidance says: 'Bath and music for me and also drawing ive found. It calms me, blocks the world out and I just see where it takes me'.
Whatever you class as self care, make sure you try to implement it to at least one part of your day. We all deserve to be happy, well grounded and one with ourselves.
Some magical self care tools in store
We have a range of books, crystals, aromatherapy candles and bath salts for you to use in your everyday routine if you so wish.
If you have any magical self care tips of your own, please share them below. Id love to hear them and I think its so important to share these valuable pieces of information!
August 16, 2020 — Charlotte Clark

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