Magical New Arrivals

Carnelian Gem Tree
  • £9.99
The Beginners Guide To Wicca by Kirsten Riddle
  • £9.99
Astral Hoops
  • £11.00
Elysian Choker
  • £11.50

Welcome to Forever Irregular

We are a very small, proud,  family run business who reside in Nottinghamshire, UK.

We are all about celebrating individuality, empowerment and awesomeness.

From a vast range of Jewellery to Homeware,  Gifts to Surprises, Incense to Candles, Books to Crystals, Kitchenware to Lotions & Potions, there's so many treasures to feed your soul here.

We are constantly having new and exciting stock arrive; as well as some vintage rarities, so please do check back with us often and be sure to follow us on Instagram @foreverirregular for the latest news!

Welcome to the Alternative Emporium!

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See why our customers love us...

The thought and detail you guys put into your packaging alone is outstanding. Your products are so well made! 

Forever Irregular is one of my top 5 insta shops. Not only does she sell beautiful jewellery, she's one of the nicest ladies ever!

I am so freaking happy with my gift box. Thank you so much Charlotte. The thought you put into everything is incredible!

Okay, so I think we need to talk.. Forever Irregular has the cutest selection of Gothic and Witchy jewellery and you should all check them out. Alot of her earrings are also suitable for stretched ears and work well with tunnels.

Charlotte, you are amazing. Thank you so much for my pieces. I love all the effort you put into everything. I'm obsessed with buying from you. I love your brand and that your all about!

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